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Product Code Description Altera Devices Supported Datasheet
OCT-MDIO22 Clause 22 target MDIO core Any Product Brief
OCT-MDIO45 Clause 45 target MDIO core Any Product Brief
Fully customizable 10Gig MAC Stratix 2 GX and above Product Brief
OCT-10GQUEUE A queuing engine to allow multiple channels to be efficiently implemented in a 10G environment Any Call for datasheet
OCT-10GBRIDGE A complete SPI4 - XAUI bridge design using many Octera IP cores to provide queuing, arbitration, custom headers, tag insertion and other features Stratix 2 GX and above Call for datasheet
OCT-1588 Industrial Ethernet timestamping to the 1588 spec. Cyclone 3 and above Product Brief
Computer / Embedded
OCT-BCH BCH Error Correction encoder and decoder cores Any Product Brief
OCT-AES128 AES 128-bit fast encryption core. Any Product Brief
OCT-AHB AHB Peripherals Any Product Brief
A low speed DDR3 controller for cost sensitive applications Cyclone 3 and above Product Brief
OCT-DDR-BKUP Building blocks useful for creating a device to move data from DDR1/2/3 to flash memory at high speed for backup purposes Any Product Brief
OCT-I2C-MASTER I2C Master Any Product Brief
OCT-I2C-SLAVE I2C Slave Any Product Brief
OCT-JTAG-TAP JTAG TAP controller Any Product Brief
OCT-ONFI ONFI Host Controller Any Product Brief
OCT-SD/eMMC Very small 'streaming' SD/eMMC interface for data logging type applications Any Product Brief
OCT-VIDEO-3D Building blocks that suppliment the Altera VIP (Video Imaging and Processing) Suite in order to support high-end applications which require 3D and/or audio features. Any Product Brief
OCT-405PPC Soft Core PPC Processor Any Product Brief
OCT-VER An FPGA verification suite consisting of C applications, scripts and test benches that work together to create a powerful and flexible verification environment for Networking FPGA designs.
Supports Verilog and VHDL designs.
Any Product Brief

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