Introduction to Design Services

What is a Design Services company?
Long ago, manufacturing companies took products from conception through production on their own. Internal design groups worked with sales and marketing groups and there was a small PCB production facility located in the rear of the building. Products were hand soldered, boxed and shipped - all from under the same roof.

Today very few companies manufacture their own products. The rise of the Contract Equipment Manufacturer (CEM) has all but eliminated this function from most companies. In fact, this trend has impacted all aspects of running a modern company - from logistics, sales and accounting through manufacturing.

Using a Design Services company is just another step in the evolution of today's most efficient companies. Since the design of its products is fundamental to a company's success it is important to choose the right Design Services company for your company's needs. The design of today's complex systems often requires a broad range of engineering disciplines and experience with an array of speciality tools and programming languages. Many companies find it challenging and inefficient to try to maintain all of these skills in house. Using the right Design Services company will give you access to the proper mix of skills to realize your products in the most timely and efficient manner.

Why use a Design Services company?
A professional Design Services company can enhance your company's productivity and improve your product's time-to-market. If any of the following questions ring true for your company, then you're in a good position to take advantage of Octera's Design Services:

  • Are you in need of temporary or product specific resources?
    If so, then using a Design Services company is probably less costly than adding a permanent position to your company's payroll. Plus, our highly experienced engineering team can begin productive work on your design promptly, without the delays associated with recruiting an employee and bringing them up to speed.
  • Are the skills you need readily available?
    If not, then using a Design Services company can give you immediate access to specialty skills without the delay inherent in developing them internally or recruiting from a small pool of qualified applicants.
  • Are you trying to manage costs?
    A reputable and experienced Design Services company such as Octera can actually reduce development cost. This is true because we only apply the resources necssary for each phase of your project. Hence you incur no overhead for idle resources at any stage of the project. This is especially beneficial for projects on a tight schedule as we can readily add resources to get past bottlenecks and scale back when the pressure is off.
  • Are you looking for a turn-key solution to your design challenge?
    A full service design company such as Octera can provide the expertise you need to take you from product conception through production.
  • In summary, a Design Services company can help you:

  • Augment your in house design team
  • Access a broader engineering skillset
  • Better control project costs
  • With full turnkey product development

When should you engage with a Design Services company?
We recommend engaging with a Design Services company as soon as you anticipate the need, however Octera can begin servicing your design needs at virtually any stage of the process from design architecture and specification through verification, synthesis and system bring-up. The earlier you engage with us the better we can anticipate your company's needs and mobilize our team to address them. Our experienced engineering team can assist you in determining the best point of engagement for your specific project and needs. As an added benefit, our review of your project plans may reveal an oversight that might have been costly in terms of schedule and/or budget. For example, have you anticipated all the requirements for migrating your design from a prototype FPGA to an ASIC?

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